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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Special Edition  FOX  January 21, 2013 4:00am-4:25am EST

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good morning. it is 4:00 on this january 21st, inauguration day, as we take a live look at the capitol which will be very active, as you know, throughout the day. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm melanie alnwick. we have a look at what we have planned for you. it is early but the crowds are
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already gathering on the national mall at this hour. wisdom will have more on all the excitement there and all of the crowds mean a busy day for metro which has just opened. we'll check inwith fox 5's karen gray houston for how metro is handling the rush. >> tom fitzgerald is live at the capitol where president obama will take the public oath of office this morning. after that, comes the celebration. lauren demarco will be live at freedom plaza for us covering the inaugural parade. we want to see your take on this day in history. show us how you are taking part in the inauguration. you can send your pictures and video to 2013 at you can also use the blue upload button that is on the top right of our inauguration photo page at be sure to tell us where you are and what you're doing so we can share that with the rest of the viewers out there. you can also send us your
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pictures on twitter at my fox d.c. hatch tag 2013. we want to know what the weather is going to be like on inauguration day. usually, it is bitterly cold. maybe we can handle this today. >> nothing too extreme during the day. we'll get into the low to mid- 40s. it is cold right now. if you are headed down there in the next hour or two, lots of layers. i would be ready for a chilly affect because we'll cloud up later t will get windy and cold later on. >> -- it will get windy and cold later on. you can see much of the area falling below freezing. cold start to your day. we'll probably see temperatures bottom out near freezing even at reagan national. we'll be touch and go with highs expected to be in the low 40s. we have an arctic front through the north and west that will
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roll through here. it will bring us some cloud cover and maybe a few snow showers this afternoon and during the evening hours. it will be colder around here starting tomorrow. we won't get above freezing for a couple of days starting tomorrow and wednesday. i'll have more details on the forecast all morning long. >> i'm so glad we're getting this versus what we'll get tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be bitter cold. >> that would not be fun. let's check in with julie wright now. >> there is a live picture of the 14th street bridge. we are noticing that our closure points are already in position at this time. traffic is are being diverted out of the express lanes coming northbound out into the main line here. traffic will not have access to come into the third street tunnel across the mall. you will be diverted onto the southeast-southwest freeway. already closed this morning,
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that third street tunnel, and the ninth street tunnel and 12th street tunnel as well. 66 coming across the tr bridge, but keep in mind, that point at constitution avenue will be blocked off at 23rd and third street until later on today. they have blocked access coming across lower 14th headed across the mall. the freeway remains open but you will be denied access to and from the tunnels tomorrow morning. lanes are open with no accidents to report as you make your way around the capital beltway. metro is your better bet headed into downtown this morning. mo metro is running extended service just for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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>> i, barack obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: it is official. president obama has begun his second term. the president took the oath of office from chief justice john roberts yesterday afternoon. for hundreds of thousands of people, it was just a warm-up for the main event later on today. metro will be very busy. it opened up early to help with the huge crowds that are expected for the public inauguration and the parade. >> there are some stations that are closed for the celebration. kareny houston is live at gallery place. >> reporter: lots of people walking around downtown metro. julie wright is right, the only way to get down here. streets blocked off, no place to park. a lot of people. we aren't sure if some of these people aren't left over from the bar crowd last night watching the ravens game or if some are just trying to get a good spot. these people have been waiting for metro to open its doors,
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opening at 4:00 a.m. we do see people still standing in line. metro supposed to be open and the train and buses supposed to be running. metro expecting huge crowds today. not nearly as many as in 2009 when there were about two million people here to witness the inauguration of the nation's first african-american president. officials revised the crowd estimates down to between 500,000 and 700,000 people. that is still a lot of folk. advice from metro, load up your smart trip card or paper fare card with enough money to get you to the mall and back home to avoid long lines. there has been a big demand for the commemorative smart trip cards. you may still be able to find some of those mostly at the stations at the end of the rail line. we have another reminder for
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you. three metro stations are closed. the archive station, mount vernon square and the smithsonian. so you are going to want to avoid those three stations, archives, mount vernon square and smithsonian. one more thing to avoid. avoid transferring if you are taking the metro down. all five of the metro lines do have stations that have stops near the mall. we are live at gallery place. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you. >> it will be a busy morning. we'll check in later on. thank you so much. today will undoubtedly be a busy day for the first family too. it will have have and historic beginning as the families attend church. >> the church has been a popular destination for past
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presidents beginning in 1933 with president franklin d roosevelt. since roosevelt, every president has attended church with many opting to attend st. john's. john's. after church, the first family will return to the white house. president and mrs. obama will host a tea for members. the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies. once that ends, the first family will leave the white house for the drive up to the capt. the president and first family should be announced and seated on the platform a little after 11:00 with the public oath then being taken at 11:55 followed by the inaugural address. -- for the drive up to the capitol. >> after all the morning pomp and circumstance, the president, vice president and their riffs will attend the inaugural luncheon at the u.s. capitol's national statuary hall. steamed lobster with new
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england clam chowder sauce. hudson valley apple pie. members of congress, supreme court justices, cabinet members and other invited officials will also attend the lunch. >> another big story, the super bowl is set. tucker barnes, listen up. some people are already calling it the harbowl because this is the first time the two teams will be led by the harbaughs, brothers. tom brady put new england up by three with a one-yard touch downpass in the second quarter and went into the break with a 13-7 lead and baltimore quarterback joe flacco took over throwing three touch downpasses as the ravens scored 21 answered points. baltimore beats the patriots and will face the 49er is in the super bowl in new orleans.
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a lot of happy people. >> including tucker over there making all kinds of gestures. it is time to celebrate. >> we'll have a closer look at all the preparations behind today's big inaugural parade when we come back. me back. 
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welcome back on this monday
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morning, inauguration day, 2013. both president obama and vice president biden were officially sworn in yesterday. >> in speeches last night at the national building museum, both men talked about the inspiration for a better future this term. >> in the weeks and months ahead, we will reduce gun violence here in america. we're going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. and we're going to put this nation's economy on a sustainable path to the future. >> the decency, the goodness, the resilience, the neighborliness, the patriotism, the sense of duty, of responsibility of the american people, you have inspired me throughout. throughout. >> president obama also showing his lighter side last night by mentioning how much he loves mrs. obama's new hairdo, the
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infamous bangs and everybody talking about her new hairdo. barbara walters is hospitalized this morning after she fell at appear inauguration party. the veteran news woman reported lid slipped saturday night on a step at the residence of the british ambassador to the united states and out cut her forehead. a spokesperson says the 83-year- old is awake and alert. up next on this inaugural morning, air piece of presidential history. we'll tell you more about an important part of this morning's swearing-in ceremony and its ties to president lincoln. 
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welcome back. today, of course, the national holiday honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. a wreath laying ceremony was held on sunday at the memorial for the civil rights leader on the national mall. among the dignitaries and celebrities on hand were martin luther king iii, reverends alsharpton and jesse jackson. sharpton called the dr. king day and inauguration weekend and intersection of history. what a nice day it was outside for that too. got up to like 61,. >> yesterday was gorgeous. >> certainly not what we expected. >> i think everybody was presently expected to the up side on yesterday's daytime high. it was a good 10 degrees warmer than most of the forecasts were expecting. today will be in the mid-40s. if you are leaving had head
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downtown in the next hour or two, it is cold. temperature have fallen back in the mid-30s. check out dulles and bwi marshall. both freezing or even colder. going to an an interesting day. i think we'll start the day with some sunshine. as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll have this arctic front approaching from the north and west. it is truly an arctic boundary. later tonight, temperatures are going to fall into the teen and low 20s and we won't get out of the 20s for a couple of days starting tomorrow. it will be really cold around here, some of the coldest air we've had in a couple of years starting tonight and tomorrow. a mix of cloud cover and some clear skies. as the front gets closer later this afternoon, the clouds will increase. an even with temperatures in the 40s, it will feel cooler than that. winds will pick up later this afternoon if you are going to the parade. it will be blustery.
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there is your forecast for today. we'll probably get to 43, 44 degrees around the newport hour. temperatures fall off late this afternoons athe wind pick up. >> we think it is cold now but worse to come. >> oh, yeah, we're talking dangerous cold. literally, highs in the 20s. jail a be staying home in bed. >> there you go -- i'll be staying home in bed. >> there you go. >> wish i had that option. >> we'll go now to julie wright. a lot of people watch us on a regular basis but many people here from out of town and probably the best word for them today is metro. >> absolutely. parking is restricted on all of our numbered streets coming across the mall and some of those roads, you can't even get to at this point because there is already closures in place. coming across the 14th street bridge, traffic will be diverted on to the southeast- southwest freeway. you will not have access to lower 14th street. earlier this morning, some traffic was allowed to head in
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that direction but they were headed off at constitution avenue. 66 coming across the tr bridge remains open but there will be a portion of constitution avenue blocked off between third street and 23rd. parking will be limited. driving will be quite tricky. we have closures coming across the freeway to the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. you can see an impressive piece of presidential history that is on display at the library of congress. the lincoln bible will object display from january 23rd through february 28th. president lincoln took the oath with it back in 1861. president obama used it during his last inauguration and will use it again during today's public ceremony. he will also use a bible that belonged to dr. martin luther
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king, jr. today will surely be a very busy day for the first family. >> the obamas will proceed to the inauguration ceremony at the capital. the president has invited several special guests to attend today's ceremony including merley evers williams. she is the widow of slain civil rights leader medgar evers. also taping is richard blanco. his poems center around the idea of the american experience. once the ceremony concludes, the president, vice president and their wives will take their celebratory walk from the u.s. capitol to the white house. >> they will be followed for the entire mile by thousands of people taking part in the inaugural parade. lauren demarco has more on
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that. >> reporter: four of the eight inaugural parade floats represent the states where the president and vice president were born as well as where they served as lawmakers. >> the hawaii float has the diamond head volcano on there. >> another four floats honor the extraordinary progress we have avenue medicine as a nation. one pays tribute to dr. martin luther king. another highlights civil rights. >> this represents a slew of different battles that we've seen in the civil rights movement throughout the years. >> the our people, our future float represents the theme of the inauguration. willy griego of denver is one of the citizen cochairs chose ton ride on it. >> the idea was to have eight people represent the achievements of the first four years of the presses and goals he still has for the second four years. >> lily, the single mother who works two jobs, thanks to pell
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grants, her son is now able to attend college. >> to be here to witness this. we are humbled by the entire experience. we are so honor and overwhelmed with excitement. >> a float honoring the tuskegee airmen will also make its way down pennsylvania avenue. >> it pays tribute to the young african-american soldiers that fought in world war ii and they were the first military aviators to fight in a war. >> a replica of the p-51 they flew. >> they helped win the war and preserve our freedom that we have today. i don't want people to forget that. >> reporter: the company behind it all, hargrove, incorporated een providing the official parade floats since president truman's inauguration. >> inaugurals aren't the big of the thing our company does anymore but i'll guarantee you it is the most important thing that we do. >> along with the eight official floats, there are 11 others commissioned by groups
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marching in the parade including that is a look out for full-sized models of the curiosity mars rover and orion, the capsule that will take humans into space farther than ever before. >> we have four, five or six astronauts that will be in the parade along with that. >> and that was lauren demarco reporting. the parade route runs along pennsylvania avenue. the parade is set to begin sometime around 2:40 this afternoon when president obama, the first lady, vice president biden and dr. jill biden depart the capitol and lead the parade. >> there are a few local groups marching in the parade this year. they are the mighty sound of maryland marching band from the university of maryland, the 54th massachusetts volunteer infantry rent men company b headquartered in silver spring. we will see the majestic marching knights from d.c.'s ballou high school. they have the honor of


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